; Health and Safety Policy

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A written Health and Safety Policy sets out an organisational commitment to health and safety, clarifies procedures and areas of responsibility and also helps demonstrate that the Duty of Care is taken seriously.

As overall responsibility for health and safety rests with the group of people that runs the organisation, a Health and Safety Policy should state the Board or management committee's collective responsibility and commitment to ensuring the implementation of the Health and Safety Policy.

Within the Policy, areas of specific responsibility can be outlined as a way to achieve that commitment. You might like to think about:

  • Stating the requirements that you are legally obliged to implement (e.g. insurance) and who these cover (i.e. volunteers as well as staff)
  • The need for workers to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, and that of others
  • Designating particular staff to certain roles (e.g. H&S officer, Fire Officer, First Aid officers) and detailing what they are responsible for
  • A statement regarding drinking/smoking/illegal drug use in and around the premises
  • The implementation of the Child Protection Policy (including recruitment and selection of volunteers)
  • The use of consent forms and volunteer/staff information forms
  • The use of risk assessments for all activities.

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