; Health and Safety Procedures and Practice

It's essential that all staff, volunteers and management committee are aware of their responsibilities and understand how to put the Policy into their own practice. The 'procedures' part of the document outlines how the organisation will ensure that staff and volunteers are supported to implement the Health & Safety Policy. It could also include how the Policy and Procedures are reviewed. For example:

  • Ensuring relevant and regular training of the designated officers
  • The formation of a Health & Safety group that monitors any incidents and reviews the Policy regularly (i.e. once a year)
  • Template consent forms available for staff to use
  • The introduction of the Health & Safety Policy at induction for new staff and volunteers
  • A system for checking the fire alarms, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment
  • The use and review of a accident forms and an accident book (including 'near misses')
  • The implementation of a Risk Assessment framework for all activities

It's vital that everyone feels that the Health & Safety requirements are a useful tool, rather than a cumbersome burden.  Regular training and participant reviews will help to ensure that volunteers and staff are included in the process, rather than feeling it's an imposition.

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