; Dealing with Child Protection concerns

Document Icon Sample Child Welfare Concern Form.

If you see, hear or are told anything that concerns you, you need to record and report it.

Your role is not to investigate the matter, but to follow your organisations procedure to report it to the appropriate person. It can be quite daunting and emotionally stressful to make the decision to report an incident, particularly if it concerns a friend, colleague or someone you know. However, your primary and overriding concern must be for the safety and wellbeing of the young person involved.

Your organisation's Child Protection Policy should have clear guidance on what volunteers should do if they see, hear or are told something that concerns them. This makes it unambiguous and removes some of the doubt about what their role and responsibilities are.

Youth Scotland has developed a Child Protection Officer training course to help independent, voluntary youth groups ensure they are confident and competent to deal with child protection concerns. See the Youth Scotland Training calendar for the next course dates  


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