; Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

No-one responsible for or supervising, young people should be under the influence of alcohol or illegally using drugs. Most organisations state this clearly in their code of conduct. Some organisations also have a separate Drugs Policy, an Alcohol Policy or a combination of the both, whilst others decide to add restrictions on use of tobacco when working with young people.

It is up to your organisation to decide what is appropriate in your circumstances and ensure that all workers participate in the formation of any policy and understand the expectations in it. You may want to consider the impact of the Policy on workers during residentials, what disciplinary action (or other action) you may want to take if the Policy is breached and the signals the Policy send to young people about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. You also need to think about the cultural and religious views of your membership. Obviously there are legal implications if workers are known to be using drugs illegally and your Policy may want to state the actions that will be taken in light of this.

You can find comprehensive information about developing a Tobacco Policy on the Youth Work essentials website channel here


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