; Handling PVG Scheme Information

Organisations that receive information about volunteers through the PVG Scheme are required to comply with the Code of Practice. The Code of Practice is published by the Scottish Ministers under section 122 of Part V of the Police Act 1997 and places a responsibility on organisations to handle, use, retain and destroy the information in particular ways. Registering with an Umbrella Body (such as Youth Scotland) can assist organisations to meet the requirements of the Code, as the Umbrella Body is responsible for the storage and disposal of the information.

However, organisations that receive disclosure information, even if from an Umbrella Body, still have a number of obligations. These are to do with the use of the information once it is passed to the organisation. Confidentiality must be maintained  at all times, and the post holders that are allowed to receive the information 'in the course of their duties' should be detailed in the organisations 'Secure handling, retention and destruction of disclosure information Policy'.

Information Icon There is more information about handling PVG Scheme information in the Disclosure Scotland Code of Practice.

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