; Attracting Volunteers

Research from volunteer centres reports that most people say they don't volunteer because they've never been asked!

Some groups like to maintain a fairly constant recruitment drive, others like to advertise and recruit volunteers in 'batches'. Either way you want to ensure you don't end up with dwindling, tired and burnt out volunteers. Some groups maintain a 'core' set of volunteers that manage the club or group with assistance from a larger number of less regular volunteers (e.g. a rota of parents).

You should be clear about who within your group has responsibility for recruiting volunteers, as this can prevent an ad hoc system developing. Having a clear plan for volunteer recruitment and selection is key. You need to make sure that all those involved in recruitment understand the plan and know what steps to take.

There are many ways to attract volunteers, from recruiting amongst parents/carers to advertising in your local community. Some groups run open evenings so potential volunteers can see what it's all about, other groups offer 'taster' sessions so you can try out volunteering for a few weeks with no commitment.

Don't forget that you also have an active and interested pool of people to recruit from in front of you - young people who attend your club or group! It's vital that young people are involved in the planning of club activities. And some may also be interested in taking on more responsibility and become volunteer leaders. Groups approach this in different ways, encouraging young people to take on leadership roles that are appropriate to the young person's age and maturity. Youth Scotland programmes, such as Involvement Training, are a good start to preparing young people to take on responsibilities in their groups, and the Platinum Youth Achievement Award is a highly effective route for many young people to progress into leadership.

Document Icon For more information about progression routes through youth work for young people, have a look at Youth Scotland's Progression Routes for Young Leaders supplement.

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