; Role and Volunteer Descriptions

Writing a short volunteer description can help you decide what you need in a volunteer - in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, attitude and time commitments. You could start a Youth Work volunteer description by thinking about what makes a 'good' youth worker:

  • An interest in young people
  • Supportive of young people's participation
  • Flexible, responsive and sensitive to people's needs
  • Enthusiastic and motivated
  • Responsible, reliable and trustworthy
  • A sense of fun
  • Patience
  • Time to offer the group

'Youth work' means different things to different people and it's important that all your volunteers understand their roles, particularly in relation to each other. A role description helps volunteer understand what they are there to do.

Volunteers that will be engaged in 'regulated work' will need to know that you require them to become PVG Scheme members (see What is regulated work?). This should be included in any information that you present workers, so they are aware of this. If they will not be carrying out regulated work you cannot ask them to become a PVG Scheme member.

Trustees of charities are brought into regulated work because they are involved in a 'charity' (rather than in a management committee of a group that isn't registered with OSCR) so they will need to be PVG Scheme members even if they don't work directly with young people.

Volunteers not engaged in regulated work

Having a well balanced and happy group of volunteers that feels like a 'team' is a big part in ensuring positive outcomes for the young people at your club or group. Don't forget that not all your volunteers will want, or have to, work directly with the young people. There can be many roles that aren't 'youth work', for example, do you need someone else on the committee for a specific role (e.g. treasurer), to put together a regular newsletter, raise funds or help arrange a specific event? If these volunteers do not meet the criteria for being in the regulated workforce and so you cannot ask them to join the PVG Scheme. 

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