; Exhibition and Film



Last year the Children’s Parliament set up local investigation teams of young people in Stornoway, Aberdeen, South Lanarkshire, West Lothian, Edinburgh and Midlothian to investigate cultural identity and sectarianism. 

There were about 10 young people in each team and they each surveyed their peers so around 300 young people contributed their views on the subject (from P6 to S2).

Phase 1 comprised three workshops in each school looking at what it means to be Scottish, heritage and identity plus stereotypes, prejudice and sectarianism.

In Phase 2, the participants created life-size portraits, using Photoshop, based on outcomes of the workshops and artists’ statements.

From March to June 2013, there will be local exhibitions in all six areas culminating with one at the Scottish Parliament. There will also be a book containing all the workshop outcomes and a short video giving the children and young people’s views on key project words like ‘stereotype’, ‘identity’, and ‘prejudice’. 

For more information go to www.childrensparliament.org.uk



This short film drama, written and directed by Lisa Nicoll, explores modern day society and the impact one small aspect of sectarianism can have on the everyday life of people in a community. Lisa has been working as an independent writer, director and producer making short films based on research with teenagers in communities across Scotland. The young people involved also act in the films alongside professional actors. The official launch of the film will be on 27th March at Armadale Academy in West Lothian. To find out more post-launch go to www.lisanicoll.co.uk


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