; Finding the right funder

 Finding the right funder

There are wide range of trusts, organisations and companies that give grants to youth groups. Identifying the most appropriate funder for your group can be the most important stage of the application process, as it will avoid time wasted applying to funding who are not suitable. As a minimum you will want to check that a funder :

  • Gives grants in your geographical area
  • Is interested in your field of work and the people that will benefit
  • Gives grants of the amount you are looking for

In addition, you should think about:

  • Matching your aspirations to the funder's needs and funding priorities -don't try to squeeze your project into a set of funding criteria that arenot really appropriate
  • Tailor the amount you request to the funder's historical giving
  • Go for a quality approach rather than mailing circular letters to a large number of funders. Some funders don't like to be the sole funder on a project, while others do
  • Read the guidelines and don't be afraid to give them a call.
  • Remember - you might not be successful, so it's important to have other potential funders to apply to

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