; Reporting to funders

Reporting to funders

If you are successful in securing funding, you will usually be required to provide some form of report or evaluation of your project. Some funders will provide guidance or templates for this but if not, the information your funder will want to know will be summarised in the 'targets' or 'outcomes' section of your application.

Further information on measuring, analysing and reporting on outcomes can be found in Outcomes for Youth Work but below are some things you key things you need to consider :

Put in place mechanisms to collect evidence at the start of your project. The impact of what your project achieves will be more important than the activities that it delivers. For example, rather than recording that your group bought new sports equipment, collect information about how that has increased physical activity, developed confidence and skills of your user groups.

Refer back to your application form. What benefits did you identify that your project would have? What monitoring and evaluation did you saythat you would do? Remember that youth groups affiliated to Youth Scotland have free access to Dynamic Youth Awards.

Contact your local newspapers and radio stations to tell the wider community of your project's achievements. Visit Promoting Your Work for further ideas on how to do this.

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