; The Role of the Youth Work Volunteer - Youth Work Essentials

A Volunteer Role Description or Volunteering Commitment Statement  is often used to describe the volunteer’s roles and responsibilities. This may include:

  • the activities that they will be involved in
  • the time commitment required
  • the support provided.

The volunteer role is developed further in What is Youth Work?

Support for Volunteers

Youth groups provide a range of support for volunteers, including:

  • Training in topics that will help them to carry out their role, such as introduction to youth work, child protection, team games, and other courses. Youth Scotland and local Area Associations provide training for youth workers and volunteers. 
  • Information to ensure that volunteers know how the youth group works, for example what to do in an emergency or how to deal with a child protection concern.
  • Expenses to ensure that no one is out of pocket through their volunteering.
  • Guidance to give volunteers a chance to ask questions and check out any concerns.

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