; Volunteer Induction Exercise - Youth Work Essentials

This practical exercise helps new volunteers engage with people, places and procedures at the youth group.

The exercise is a physical quiz or treasure hunt, where volunteers will need to seek out the answers by asking different people in the youth group various questions.  A handout template is available

A time limit should be set for the exercise depending on how much time the volunteer spends at the youth group. For example: to be completed during a club evening programme of 2 hours. The questions can be adapted to make it more relevant to the youth group or club.

Learning Outcomes

Volunteers who complete this section will:

  • Have met a wide range of people involved with the youth group.
  • Know how the youth group is organised and what activities it runs.
  • Understand what is expected of a youth work volunteer and how they are supported.

For the Induction Portfolio


What's next?

Once new volunteers have a basic awareness of how the youth group works, they can get started with the more detailed learning topics provided in the next section of the Volunteer Induction toolkit.

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