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Tobacco-Free Generation - Supporting youth workers to deliver a Scotland free from tobacco.

Tobacco-Free Generation has been developed by ASH Scotland and Youth Scotland with support from Youthlink Scotland, Fast Forward, Young Scot and Scottish Government as part of the Youth Sector Tobacco Prevention Group (YSTPG).

We know that most smokers take up smoking before they are 18 years old and that young people from Scotland’s most deprived areas progress to become regular smokers more rapidly and more frequently than those in the least deprived areas.

We also know that youth workers are in a prime position to build on existing relationships, be positive role models and empower young people to make positive choices about their health and their behaviour.

The content of Tobacco-Free Generation has been shaped by consultation with youth work service providers and youth workers.  During that consultation, you told us:

  • smoking and tobacco use is an important issue and youth workers should be addressing it.
  • smoking and tobacco impact on the health of young people, and reduces their disposable income.
  • There is a perceived shortage of resources to help with smoking and tobacco prevention for youth workers.
  • youth workers would use an online resource base focusing on tobacco.
  • youth workers are keen to access tobacco awareness training in order fill knowledge gaps on smoking and tobacco issues.

 We have listened to what you told us. Tobacco-Free Generation offers:

  • information on tobacco in Scotland and your area;          
  • accessible session ideas and resources;
  • tobacco awareness raising sessions for workers;                           
  • case studies and examples of effective practice;
  • networking opportunities;
  • support to help your group or organisation address tobacco issues effectively.

If you are struggling to find the information or support that you need for tobacco prevention activity on Tobacco-Free Generation or you would like to let other people know about your innovative activity, tell us about it via enquiries@ashscotland.org.uk  and we will do all we can to help you out!

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