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The bank of activities displayed on the left hand menu has been designed for you to use and adapt for your own groups and programmes. The activities are organised into 4 types:

Curriculum for Excellence

This resource has been created for youth workers by youth workers. Therefore we have, where possible, mapped the activities contained in the resource to the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence. Using this resource will develop the four capacities in young people to be Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors, and Responsible Citizens. 

Using this resource will create opportunities to engage with, but not limited to, the following Experiences and Outcomes:

  • I am developing the skills and attributes which I will need for learning, life and work. I am gaining understanding of the relevance of my current learning to future opportunities. This is helping me to make informed choices about my life and learning.  HWB 3-19a
  • I understand the effect that a range of substances including tobacco and alcohol can have on the body. HWB 2-38a
  • I understand the impact that ongoing misuse of substances can have on a person's health, future life choices and options. HWB 3-43a

Evaluation and Feedback

We really want to hear what you think of the Tobacco-Free Generation pages. Gathering your feedback and views helps us to monitor and evaluate what we offer on the pages. Our evaluation questionnaire takes just a couple of minutes to complete, so why not take a look and let us know what you think of the pages:


More activities will be added as Tobacco Free Generation in the future. If you have activities you use in tobacco prevention or education and would like to share them, contact ASH Scotland at enquiries@ashscotland.org.uk and we'll upload them here.


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